A simple recipe for MongoDB clusters

Hi everybody! my task of today, was to configure a MongoDB with redundancy and high availability… I decided to write my own Chef cookbook to configure “replica” Below the most important parts: Install MongoDB packages Use template for the main configuration file Enable Linux service of MongoDB at the boot What about the replica’s configuration? I suggest to […]

Chef Automate – Installation guide

Hi guys! let’s take a look of Chef Automate.. In this post we will se how to install it quickly. I will install it through Vagrant but you can use my cookbook into a Chef Server. Requirements: a Chef Server. Change default[‘chef_automate’][‘chef_server’][‘url’] with the correct IP an user’s key (client.pem) of a member of your Chef Server Organization. […]

Build chef LWRP and manage OpenSSH server banner with Chef

Hi guys, in this article we will se how to build a small LWRP Chef cookbook..The final result will be: ssh_banner_banner “banner” do banner_file _banner_file sshd_config_file node[‘ssh_banner’][‘sshd_config_file’] paranoic_mode true action :create notifies :restart, “service[sshd]” end If “paranoic mode” is true, chef will change configuration file and restart sshd, but after 20 seconds (by default) it […]

Setting up Wildfly8 Cluster in 5 minutes with Chef and Vagrant

Hi! This is my first post of this blog and I would like start with my last cookbook “wildfly-clu”.   We will create a simple Wildlfy cluster(domain mode) composed by 3 servers. For this test I will use CentOS release 6.3 (Final). Final result: Reach HelloWorld application to http://myserver1/helloworld  ( passing through reverse proxy) You […]