Anno nuovo, configuration management nuovo…

Buon anno a tutti i lettori di 🙂 Qualche giorno fa, approfittando dell’apparente calma lavorativa tipica delle feste natalizie, ho deciso di studiare GO ( Molto figo, ma soprattutto, usare i puntatori mi ha fatto tornare indietro nel tempo quando “smanettavo” pesantemente in C. Quel che è uscito fuori, tra un pò i programmi pieni […]

Install Chef Server on Suse Linux Enterprise 11

Hi Folks! Today I dealt with a problem… and I found a solution because Chef is a great tool! At moment there is not an RPM for Suse Linux available from the official website, but this does not matter 🙂 Problem: Install Chef Server, Chefdk, Chef-manage into a Suse Linux Enterprise 11 virtual machine without installing the […]

Chef Automate – Installation guide

Hi guys! let’s take a look of Chef Automate.. In this post we will se how to install it quickly. I will install it through Vagrant but you can use my cookbook into a Chef Server. Requirements: a Chef Server. Change default[‘chef_automate’][‘chef_server’][‘url’] with the correct IP an user’s key (client.pem) of a member of your Chef Server Organization. […]

Removing a Disk from a Logical Volume

Hi, let’s see how to remove a disk from a logical volume without losing data. This is the initial schema: Server: CentosLab01 (Centos 6.5) Disk to use: Disk /dev/sdb: 1073 MB, 1073741824 bytes (DISK A) Disk /dev/sdc: 1073 MB, 1073741824 bytes (DISK B) Disk /dev/sdd: 1073 MB, 1073741824 bytes (DISK C) Creating lv_test logical volume […]

Configure Samba with Active Directory integration (Centos 6)

Let’s see how to integrate your samba server with Microsoft Active Diretory. Domain: NOODLES   (NETBIOS name) FQDN: Domain controller 1: Domain controller 2: Local Unix account: puppet Domain Account: NOODLES\puppet Packages to install via yum: [ krb5-libs , krb5-devel , samba , samba-common , samba-winbind , samba-client , samba-winbind-client ] create […]

use Haproxy to publish an internal SFTP

Hi guys, In this post we will see how to publish safely on internet an internal SFTP server passing trough Haproxy. In the example we will allow only a particular external IP increasing the security. Let’s prepare the internal backend An example of my SSH configuration  (edit the file  /etc/ssh/sshd_config ) ChrootDirectory none # override […]