Cooking on Windows Sever..

Hi guys! I have to manage Windows Server 2008 using Chef.. First of all, I need to choose the strategy for bootstrapping the new node and I am going to use an unattended bootstrap.. Configuring network card to talk with (my Chef server) Download and install  chef-client for Windows from Copy client.rb and validation.pem to […]

Configure Samba with Active Directory integration (Centos 6)

Let’s see how to integrate your samba server with Microsoft Active Diretory. Domain: NOODLES   (NETBIOS name) FQDN: Domain controller 1: Domain controller 2: Local Unix account: puppet Domain Account: NOODLES\puppet Packages to install via yum: [ krb5-libs , krb5-devel , samba , samba-common , samba-winbind , samba-client , samba-winbind-client ] create […]