we have embedded a Kubeinvaders demo directly on the website to let you try out the tool. 

Launch the demo at this link https://kubeinvaders.devopstribe.it/ 

Monitor the pod status here https://kubeopsview.devopstribe.it

Watch Grafana dashboard here

open-source tools we support

Below you will find all the open-source projects supported by this community. Currently, we are working in various areas: configuration management, chaos engineering, interactive training, and shielding against ransomware attacks.
Free interactive DevOps training courses based on web linux shells https://github.com/DevOpsTribe/training-shells
Lightweight configuration management tool written in Golang. Manages workflows based on Bash https://github.com/DevOpsTribe/congruit
Gamified Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes https://github.com/lucky-sideburn/KubeInvaders/
Ransomware attack fencing system https://github.com/lucky-sideburn/sfcomet