Build chef LWRP and manage OpenSSH server banner with Chef

Hi guys,
in this article we will se how to build a small LWRP Chef cookbook..The final result will be:

ssh_banner_banner “banner” do
banner_file _banner_file
sshd_config_file node[‘ssh_banner’][‘sshd_config_file’]
paranoic_mode true
action :create
notifies :restart, “service[sshd]”

If “paranoic mode” is true, chef will change configuration file and restart sshd, but after 20 seconds (by default) it will do a rollback of configuration

You can try it use Vagrant and Virtualbox..

1. clone git repo from github:

  git clone

2. show the new banner to copy:

 cat files/default/chef_ssh_banner

3. start vagrant virtual machine:

  vagrant up

4. once the deploy is completed:

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 16

Let’s see how to create a simple LWRP:

1. Declare variables in resources/banner.rb

actions :create, :delete

default_action :create

attribute :sshd_config_file, :kind_of => String

attribute :banner_file, :kind_of => String

attribute :paranoic_mode

2. create an action in providers/banner.rb.. Let’s see the :delete function :

action :delete do
#check if ssh…

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