Congruit cannot be cool if it does not control Docker containers. From today it does! At moment is still an experimental feature but it seems to work fine.

Start Congruit in friend mode

congruit -debug -friend -token \

foobar -debug \

-gitrepo \

-ssl_cert /vagrant/insecure-domain.crt  \

-ssl_key /vagrant/insecure-domain.key

With these arguments your Congruit instance starts and waits for a work to do…


Start Congruit in Supervisor mode..

Supervisor mode is used to control Congruit “friends” via HTTPS.


-supervisor  -debug

You can find instructions to start and monitor two Docker containers here.

You will find an example of the workplace for managing Dockers in a Linux Centos7 down below:

 "places": ["centos7" , "docker_is_not_installed"],
 "works": ["docker_package_yum"]
 "places": ["docker_is_not_running_systemd"],
 "works": ["docker_start_systemd"]
 "places": ["docker_tomcat_image_is_not_present"],
 "works": ["docker_pull_tomcat"]
 "places": ["everywhere", "docker_tomcat_is_not_running"],
 "works": ["run_tomcat_docker"]