KubeInvaders on Openshift 4.1

Just add new special input key for KubeInvaders. Press ‘n’ to jump between namespaces! Recently I released a gamified chaos engineering tool for Kubernetes (it has been added in https://github.com/dastergon/awesome-chaos-engineering some days ago) and I would like deploy it on Openshift 4.1. First of all, follow these two guides: Openshift 4 Install Experience Cluster Install A today,  […]

L’apologia dei progetti personali incompleti

Recentemente sono rientrato in un periodo di trasferte perpetue e ciò significa che ogni settimana passo almeno sette ore in treno cercando di dormire o di lavorare in totale tranquillità. A volte penso che ci vorrebbe un post su come sopravvivere in trasferta e che raccolga un po’ di dritte utili. Ad esempio, se ordinate […]

Docker images pruning with Openshift Origin

In order to test the Docker images pruning with Openshift Origin I made the following test. Environment: Two nodes, one master + infra and a workload node. Cluster version: Openshift Origin 3.6 First of all I have built a Docker image based on NodeJS within a large file. The file.out is of 50M and after […]