A summer greeting to all the followers of https://devopstribe.it/ 😉

My holidays are getting closer and soon I’ll be away from the city chaotic life… In my backpack, besides a couple of big bottle of Peroni beers this year I’ll bring a “FM pirate Radio transmitter” just in case somebody annoys my nap at the beach by listening to the radio at a too high volume (so common in Italy, ain’t it?) intolerable! if you have taken drugs, it is very likely the music you hear doesn’t come from the neighbor’s speakers, then I suggest you to go and buy an Ice cream at the nearest cafe.


If you wanna equip yourself with this powerful weapon, get the following things, or buy a Radio transmitter on Amazon (though is not cool to buy or download the app 😛 ):

  1. A Raspberry PI
  2. A portable power supply for smartphones (solar energy would be perfectfoglioline)
  3. A wireless pen drive
  4. A PHP script for the web interface management, like this https://github.com/lucky-sideburn/piratepiwave.git
  5. A software to grant the FM signal, for ex: https://github.com/rm-hull/pifm
  6. Last but not least, your smartphone!

Why point 4?

I was too lazy to fiddle around with GPIO to connect a LCD screen and a frequency controller, so I preferred to control the transmitter via my Smartphone.

  1. At first let’s install a web-server Apache + Php on our Raspbian Jessie Lite (of course everyone is free to use the favourite OS or web-server)
  2. If you are lazy it is also possible to use my PHP script https://github.com/lucky-sideburn/piratepiwave.git (I am not a web-developer so YES the graphic interface is super basic and not cool!)
  3. Install https://github.com/rm-hull/pifm in /usr/local/pifm (in the docs you will find wich GPIO you need to use to hook a handcrafted antenna made of metallic wire)
  4. Configure the wireless network interface controller in order to connect to your Smartphone hotspot (from the Admin panel you will get the assigned IP)
  5. Set everything to autostart on boot, attach the external battery to the Raspberry, once ready from your smartphone launch a http://$ipdelraspberry.

What shall we play on the “Zen moment harasser” radio?

Either you can copy and paste your fav audio tracks on /usr/local/pifm/sounds and modify the path of the file you want to use in the PHP script.

How do I select the FM frequencies? 

… or you can use the handy bar on top if you want to tune on a radio.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.25.27.png

Or you can create buttons like these, with the selected radio frequencies

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.28.20.png

There you are, the final result!


[wpvideo up4oWaQ9]

Happy holiday!!!