Un giro su OKD 4 (parte 1)

L’impatto del ritorno dopo le vacanze è stato tragico. Avendo dimenticato tutto in merito a cosa fa un DevOps ho iniziato con un’attività molto leggera. Giocare con OKD 4, la versione community da cui deriva Openshift. Già da un po’ di tempo è stato annunciato OKD 4 https://www.openshift.com/blog/okd4-is-now-generally-available e messo a disposizione della community un […]

Devops trends from MongoDB, Grafana and spammed mailbox. Update #1

Hi all! this is the first update from my new Big data experimental project… How can I be updated with devops trend technologies without reading tons of blog? I started to collect raw data from Twitter timeline and Gmail spammed mailbox that receives messages from websites for job seekers and others like Stack Exchange… This is the result and the […]

Build chef LWRP and manage OpenSSH server banner with Chef

Hi guys, in this article we will se how to build a small LWRP Chef cookbook..The final result will be: ssh_banner_banner “banner” do banner_file _banner_file sshd_config_file node[‘ssh_banner’][‘sshd_config_file’] paranoic_mode true action :create notifies :restart, “service[sshd]” end If “paranoic mode” is true, chef will change configuration file and restart sshd, but after 20 seconds (by default) it […]

Setting up Wildfly8 Cluster in 5 minutes with Chef and Vagrant

Hi! This is my first post of this blog and I would like start with my last cookbook “wildfly-clu”.   We will create a simple Wildlfy cluster(domain mode) composed by 3 servers. For this test I will use CentOS release 6.3 (Final). Final result: Reach HelloWorld application to http://myserver1/helloworld  ( passing through reverse proxy) You […]